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Jumping from my bed like a jack rabbit out of a fox hole, a rare moment indeed, both feet landing firmly on the floor below my bed. It would have been a perfect landing after a few spins on the parallel bars. Usually it takes me at least 45 minutes just to work one leg […]

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Her voice travels up the stairs, along the hallway, passing the linen closet and finding its final destination beneath the small crack between the hallway floor and my bedroom door. A voice I am very familiar with. A voice I’ve heard for all of my nine years. I’m dreaming that I’m walking through the woods, […]

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How to Raise a Young Reader? - List of Top 7 Important Ways to Know

How to Raise a Young Reader? – List of Top 7 Important Ways to Know

Reading books is one of the best ways to cultivate your imagination, develop an extensive vocabulary, nurture a strong passion for various subjects and also build up a strong sense of confidence that can make you happy in life and derive a greater sense of satisfaction and success in general. It can also boost mental […]

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Why Your Child Needs To Spend Time In Outdoor Play

Technology advancements have completely changed the world. Right from the way we spend our time off work to the way we communicate.  Most kids immerse themselves in indoor games owing to the continuous development of electronic play equipment for kids. It is quite common to find kids spending the whole day playing video games. Their […]

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Dewey Does Sports, Health, Fitness & Education Blog - Whose Game Is It Anyway?

Whose Game Is It Anyway?

My big game is today…the Doesville Baseball Classic! I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep last night. For good luck, I kept my favorite Hawk baseball glove underneath my pillow. Mom and Grandpa were also excited, even more than I was, I thnk. Parents get so worked up for their children’s games. It’s almost […]

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#Dew110 Stories “Dewey, it’s time to wake up and smell the day.” Hmmm, by now I should be used to smelling the day, but Mom likes to remind me every so often. The sound of her motherly voice traveling up the stairs into my room to wake me, feels like a gentle touch on my […]

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