Meet Dewey!

Hello, my name is Dewey Does. Welcome to my world where kids can “Dew” Anything—play hard, be daring, reach for the impossible and never give up.

Game On!

Challenge yourself to a variety of exciting mental games and fun physical exercises with Dewey’s favorite friends.

Parents & Teachers!

Whether you are a parent, a part of school staff or a community member, the Dewey Does program can help you improve student learning, active participation, and fitness.

Dew Anything!

The Dewey Does Foundation is a not-for profit 501(c)3 organization that has been dedicated to promoting health, fitness & nutrition and the fight against childhood obesity since 2005.


"color: #f09723;">The New Kid

Being a neighborly person I decided to go visit the new neighbors hoping on the way to find someone my age. To my surprise and delight a kid answered the door…..

Dewey 4 Prez

As I walked into school, to my surprise, I found out that Fussie Fran submitted my name as class President as a practical joke. I thought, I’m only in the fourth grade, this can’t be happening…..

A Monster Ate My Sneakers

A monster in the middle of the field eats Dewey Does and his favorite sneakers. The sneakers that he runs in, plays volleyball and B-ball in…..

Yard Sale

There goes my Saturday. I think every nine year old kid in the country wishes they were back in school or still sleeping. I know who ever invented the word chores wasn’t ever a kid…..
























































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