Dewey Does Playground Memory Match Game for Kids
Dew 110 Youth Sports Activities
A book by Author Thomas Kinslow - A Monster Ate My Sneakers
Read Dewey Does Short Stories for Person who played & loved sports
Dewey Does Interactive Stories - Now on Sale
Dewey Encourages Health & Fitness Activities for Kids
A book by Author Thomas Kinslow - A Monster Ate My Sneakers
Meet Dewey!

Meet Dewey!

Hello, my name is Dewey Does. Welcome to my world where kids can “Dew” Anything—play hard, be daring, reach for the impossible and never give up.

Game On!

Game On!

Challenge yourself to a variety of exciting mental games and fun physical exercises with Dewey’s favorite friends.

Parents & Teachers!

Parents & Teachers!

Whether you are a parent, a part of school staff or a community member, the Dewey Does program can help you improve student learning, active participation, and fitness.

Dew Anything!

Dew Anything!

The Dewey Does Foundation is a not-for profit 501(c)3 organization that has been dedicated to promoting health, fitness & nutrition and the fight against childhood obesity since 2005.


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