Technology advancements have completely changed the world. Right from the way we spend our time off work to the way we communicate.  Most kids immerse themselves in indoor games owing to the continuous development of electronic play equipment for kids. It is quite common to find kids spending the whole day playing video games.

Their lifestyle has wholly transformed, and kids no longer spend quality time with their parents, guardians or even their friends. Children do not get time to enjoy their childhood, where they would play carefree while playing all sorts of outdoor games. Free games for kids come with immense benefit as follows:

Boost Immunity

Children should be left to play freely with their friends, though under the care of their parents or guardians. Playing in the open exposes kids to an external environment, where they get into contact with nature. This exposure makes their bodies get used to a different environment, which helps combat allergies and build resistance in children. However, engaging in games online helps kids acquire problem-solving skills.


The way a kid is brought up often determines his or her future. As kids get to play together, they develop communication skills as they engage in various games, which involves counting, coordination, etc. There are fun android and iPhone games that when moderately played by kids help them in other sectors of life. Teamwork forms a critical factor in shaping children’s future. They get to learn to play as a team, and this helps them understand the importance of working together.

Reduce Obesity

When kids get to play outside games, they engage in a lot of physical activities such as swimming, running, cycling, jumping as they enjoy themselves. Physical activities help to burn out excess calories, thus limiting them from becoming obese. Kids get happier and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) as well. Obesity if not taken care of at an early stage of life, could result in isolation among kids, thereby affecting their future lifestyle.

Source of Vitamin D

Outdoor games enable kids to breathe fresh air that circulates freely while at the same time they absorb Vitamin D. It helps absorb minerals which facilitate bone and teeth strengthening and development. It also promotes healthy immune system functions that boost resistance against some diseases and generally makes kids feel happier.

Discovering Talents

When kids get to interact with each other, they engage in all sorts of games, some of these games help them develop motor skills. Jumping around, running and throwing balls help kids develop object handling techniques. Engaging in some interactive memory games goes a long way in discovering a kid’s skills too. When they sing, talk, and so on, these kids can develop talents which can be tapped early in their life.

Enhance Imagination

Playing with imaginary things helps develop creative skills and boosts their cognitive abilities. Imaginary games help kids build their developmental skills. When kids play, the process of pretending boosts vital development areas in a kid’s life. Engaging in dramatic plays helps kids experiment with their social and emotional responsibilities in life. Parents and guardians can learn about some fun online games for kids.

Promote Sleep-Study Sequence

Playing outdoor games enable kids to have fun while at the same time interact with each other. Outdoor and memorization games help boost kid’s concentration, which is crucial in learning. Engaging in all sorts of games and playing together with other kids make them exhausted, thus making them sleep better and improving their knowledge too.

Enhance Social Development

When kids spend time playing together, they interact and learn to speak with their friends. They develop socially hence overcome shyness. Playing together helps kids develop confidence, improve their speaking and oratory skills, and get to understand one another. A parent can assist their child in playing memory matching game online for fun and brain building.

Enhance Problem Solving Skills

Kids interact with one another as they play in groups. So, they develop interpersonal relationships through sporting activities. Sporting activities help kids to develop problem-solving skills, which is useful in other areas of life. Downloading a memory game can help parents to engage their kids in developing intellectually. Parents or guardians should encourage kids to find solutions on their own before stepping in to assist them.

Improve Etiquette

By interacting with other kids, they learn from one another. Kids who have good manners tend to influence their colleagues who lack basic etiquette. Well, mannered kids will often correct their friends or even adults when they see them misbehave. Kids learn etiquette from their peers, and they would practice what they have learned at home, school, or any other place.


Kids who participate in outdoor games develop socially and grow healthier and happier. Interacting with other kids instill confidence and problem-solving techniques which impact other areas of their lives. The way kids are brought up during their childhood change their lives when they grow up, and as parents or guardians, you should strive for the best for your kids.

By Thomas M. Kinslow

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