The DEW 110 Health & Fitness Program

The Dew 110 Health & Fitness Program enriches our youth through sports, fitness, nutrition and education. We have created the Dew 110 Health & Fitness Program that hundreds of schools and thousands of youth and families from the Tri-State community have benefitted from over the past few years. The Dewey Does organization has taken on the challenge to reduce youth obesity by developing a unique approach to the obesity problem; make the solution visual to children and families, give it an identity that kids recognize and become part of as they grow. Youth receive information that encourages them to do the wrong thing. Characters, such as Ronald McDonald, Sponge Bob, and many others help sell messages and products that don’t always benefit our youth.

Today’s children are faced with so many issues and concerns. Dewey Does inspires this generation to enjoy childhood, play hard, be daring, and never give up. Dewey Does helps to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity. We encourage children to interact as respectful citizens in a diverse society. It is the goal of the Dewey Does curriculum, through positive reinforcement, to encourage children through the entertainment media to enrich themselves academically while also teaching them the importance of eating right, communicating their lessons to their families and exercising. For more information contact us.



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