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“Dewey, it’s time to wake up and smell the day,” Dewey’s mother calls out as she makes his breakfast. Saturdays are tough for kids because you know your parents have house-work planned for you. I love Saturdays because of no school, but just thinking about chores makes me tired.


“I’m coming, Mom” yells Dewey as he gets out of bed. “Good morning, Mom,” Dewey says to his mother walking into the kitchen.


“Good morning, Dewey. I think you should clean out the garage today. It’s so messy and I can’t get the car in anymore.”


There goes my Saturday. I think every nine year old kid in the country wishes they were back in school or still sleeping. I know who ever invented the word chores wasn’t ever a kid. I’ll e-mail Big Bang to see if he can help me. He should be finished with his music lessons by now. I always wondered, how can a kid get up so early just to practice playing music?


Sports! Now that’s something to get up early for. I wish I could play sports 24 hours a day. Playing basketball, soccer, tennis…anything but chores. That’s what Saturdays should be for.


“Okay, Big Bang is coming over to help me, but what am I going to do with all that stuff?” Dewey asks.


“Have a yard sale,” says his mother. “You know that baseball glove you always wanted; maybe you can earn the money you need to buy it.”


Dewey and Big Bang begin to clean out the garage. Big Bang was amazed at all the sports stuff. “Where did you get all this sports equipment?” he asks Dewey.

Dewey Does smiles. All he’s thinking about is the Hawk baseball glove he’s always wanted. “My Dad would always bring different sports stuff home ever since I was a baby.”


Dewey Does wonders how he’s going to get people to his yard sale. “Should we call all our friends?” he asks Big Bang. Suddenly, he stops “I know, we can do jumping jacks,” says Dewey with a serious look. “This will get people’s attention” Dewey says, as he begins doing jumping jacks in his yard. Big Bang doesn’t look so happy, but he joins in with Dewey. All of a sudden people began to look to see what all the excitement was about.


It was a long day but Dewey and Big Bang giving 110% effort and working together, sold most of the stuff. Dewey was very happy that he had earned enough to get his Hawk baseball glove. His mother is now able to put the car in the garage …at least for now.



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