Sometimes I think about how I met my friend, Big Bang, whose real name is Clarence.

My mother would always tell me, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Meeting Big Bang for the first time I now understand what she means.

It was at the beginning of summer, I noticed a new family was moving into the vacant house down the street from me. I desperately hoped they had a child my age whom I could play sports with. Being a neighborly person I decided to go visit the new neighbors hoping on the way to find someone my age. To my surprise and delight a kid answered the door.

He is HUGE! I said to myself as I stood in shock. He was the biggest kid I ever saw. I was amazed; finally someone like me; 110% sports…or at least I thought he was like me.

I thought to myself as I stared at him…he must play every sport in the world. His hands were so big, I just knew he could pick up a basketball with one hand and throw a football for miles.

WOW! I kept thinking, I couldn’t believe the size of his feet; he must be able to jump over the basket. He can be my teammate when I play those Stape Twins…or at least it seemed that way for the moment. “He must be the strongest kid in the world,” I thought, as I imagined him lifting one thousand plus pounds.

All the excitement of having a new friend made me talk uncontrollably fast. “Do you want to play football or basketball?” I asked. “Let’s go play catch, I’ll go get my baseball and glove,” I said, not realizing I never even introduced myself.

I remember Big Bang just standing at his doorstep with a big smile on his face. I didn’t even give him a chance to speak.

“You can come to my house, I have all sorts of sports games we can play,” I invitingly said as I pointed up the street. “I have plenty of sports stuff for us to stay fit and busy for the summer,” I continued to say as I started running out of breath.

Finally, as I took a deep breath, Big Bang politely said, “Hi, but I don’t play any of those games.”

WHAT?!!! I thought. I couldn’t believe my ears. To him, I must have looked like I was having a heart attack. “I don’t play any sports,” again he said.

I wondered if I was dreaming, so I asked, “Well, what do you play?” I was hoping to make some sense of this; a kid that doesn’t play sports 110% of the time…is there such a thing? I asked myself.

“I play the piano,” said Big Bang.

“The piano?” I asked, surprised. I was wondering if I ever knew of a kid at my age that played the piano.

After we finally introduced our selves, Big Bang invited me into his home to listen to him play the piano and, boy, could he play. Once again I was amazed, I loved watching Big

Bang play that piano. The music just stayed in my head.

From that day on Big Bang and I became good friends. I’m always over his house listening to him practice his music. Like Mom says, “110% practice makes perfect no matter what you do.”

I always wondered how a kid doesn’t play sports. I guess we all can’t be the same, as my mother would alwayssay.



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