As a 9 year old kid life is great. No worries in the world. School, I guess it’s okay, and sports, yeah, what a life. At least this is what I thought. My mother always says, “there’s a new adventure every day.” Now I get what she means.

Most of the time I look forward to going to school because I get to see all my friends. But today happened to be one of those adventurous days my mother was talking about. As I walked into school, to my surprise, I found out that Fussie Fran submitted my name as class President as a practical joke.

I thought, I’m only in the fourth grade, this can’t be happening.

I guess it wouldn’t have been such a big deal until I found out who I was running against.

THOSE STAPE TWINS! Now I get Fussie Fran’s joke. I can count on her to do things like this from time to time.

The Stape Twins, as they are known around the school, live on the other side of town. I figure Ryan and Brian are okay. They’re in the fifth grade. I always thought, if I were a superhero the Stape Twins would definitely be my nemesis. Every kind of competition I’m in, they are on the opposing team. Basketball, soccer, football…everything and now, because of Fussie Fran, class president.

I felt the buzz in the air, everybody wishing me good luck as I walked through the hallway. I just wanted to hide under a desk or turn invisible like a superhero.

What can I do to get out of this mess? I asked myself.

This is not a sport of any sort, I thought. “Yes, I’ll go run around the school track a few times to build up my nerves”, I thought. Running always relaxes me before a big event. “Being 110% fit builds a healthy mind”, Grandpa Does always says.

Fussie Fran was really pushing it. There were signs all over school with my name, ‘Dewey Does 4 President’.

I found myself hoping those Stape Twins would win. School ends at 3 p.m. and it was already 2 o’clock. I was just staring at the class clock. It seemed like the last hour took forever.

Everybody was really getting into this. The closer it came to 3 o’clock the louder the chanting got. Students were in the halls chanting, “Go Dewey, Go Dewey, Go Dewey,” as others chanted, “you don’t have cause we already one” shouted the Twins.

Mrs. Cusamano was the judge and all the votes were finally in. As she counted off the votes you could feel the tension in the air.

“Two for Dewey, one for Ryan and Brian,” Mrs. Cusamano said, as she continued calling

out the votes over the school loudspeaker. The school became real quiet, like a church mouse, my mom would say. Everybody holding their breath waiting for Mrs. Cusamano to announce the winner. The votes were so close but I didn’t really care, I just wanted to go home and put this day behind me.

Suddenly, as she cleared her voice, “it’s a tie,” Mrs. Cusamano said excitedly.

“WHAAAT?” everyone yelled. It sounded like a chorus in the school auditorium. There were looks of surprise on everyone’s face. As I walked out of school I could hear the students chanting, “recount, recount, recount.”

Tomorrow’s another 110% adventure, I thought to myself smiling as I walked toward home.



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