MONSTER_SNEAKERSSomething strange always happens when no one’s around. Martians come out of the sky or something. It happened to me on one rainy day.

It always seems to rain or snow or hail or something the day I really want to play ball. Saturdays are the best; no school, I can get up early in the morning, call all my friends to come out and play football, then basketball and after lunch we can play baseball. I was so excited but it just had to rain and the dark sky made it look like rain all weekend.

My mother loves the spring because of all the flowers in the springtime. Me, as a kid, flowers aren’t my thing, but warm weather and playing ball, now that’s my greatest pastime but it always seems to rain in spring. Anyway, like a postman delivering mail, I was determined to play ball today, regardless of the weather.

Dewey, you know it’s very nasty outside,” my mother said as I was getting dressed to go outside.

As I slowly crept downstairs my mother said, “Dewey Does, don’t track any mud in this house”.

“Okay, Mom,” I replied, carrying my football as I walked out the door.

First I went to Big Bang’s house. He really doesn’t like playing football or any sport but I figured I’d get him outside anyway. To my surprise Big Bang said it’s too nasty out. Not like I didn’t hear that before. So I went to Trevor’s house and he’s still sleeping. I guess Prince Charming needs his sleep.

I figured most kids were already outside playing. I began thinking that this is one lonely Saturday. I was thinking, maybe Fussie Fran and listen to her mouth all day? NOT! Cindi Joy? NOT, she’ll just complain about her hair and nails. Maybe, Shy Annda! She loves playing ball; basketball is her favorite, but ball is ball to me.

As I stood waiting for Shy Annda to come to the door I started thinking who to call next. Those Stape Twins came to mind as Shy Annda opened her door. To my surprise she had rollers in her hair. Sometimes I forget she’s a girl. Anyway, she was going out to breakfast with her parents.

Was the Stape Twins the only ones left? I really wanted to play so I decided to take the walk to the other side of town. I had to cross the field to get to them but I figured it was okay. A little competition is good for me I guess.

As I was walking through the field I found it difficult to get through the mud. I walked in one direction, mud, I walked in the other direction, more mud. The mud was getting all over my favorite sneakers. I started to tip-toe and it seemed like I was sinking deeper and deeper.

I couldn’t get out of the mud. Deeper and deeper I was going into the mud. I looked all around for dry land as I sank deeper in the mud. It was like a monster eating me alive. Panicking I thought…no one would ever see me again. I wouldn’t be able to run around the school track or play tennis again. A monster in the middle of the field eats Dewey Does and his favorite sneakers. The sneakers that he runs in, plays basketball and volleyball in. The sneakers his mother tried to throw away more then 110 times. What a story that would be. “NO WAY!” I said.

I struggled and struggled, giving 110% of my energy, until I was able to drag myself to dry land. Feeling 110% fit really paid off. I was so tired, I felt like I just ran a marathon. I decided to just go home. I could run and play another day, I thought.

Dewey, what happened, where are your sneakers?” my mother yelled as I walked into the house.

Pausing slightly for a moment, I looked up and all I could say was, “A monster ate them”.



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