Ever the hopeful optimist, Dewey’s can-do attitude is what makes him the center of it all. As a baby, his parents noticed that he would gravitate toward toys that were sports related. He would actually fuss, and even cry, if he received a toy that wasn’t along the lines of a basketball, football, baseball, or hockey stick. Dewey’s father, also an avid sports aficionado, does when her was young (WHAT DOES THIS SENTENCE MEAN?). His mother, Mrs. Does, is a strong-willed woman who provides a strong role model for the young boy. As a nine year-old boy who loves sports, Dewey is the hero of the reading book series who encourages his friends to persevere through life’s challenges and never give up.  



Although great friends with Dewey Does and a supporter of Dewey’s love for sports, 10 year old Clarence, better known to everyone, including his parents, as Big Bang because of his size, would much rather be playing the piano. A musical prodigy since anyone can remember, Big Bang has always been fascinated by music, often referring to it as a “language.” When he moved into the neighborhood, Dewey assumed Big Bang was a great athlete. Dewey Does found out quickly that Big Bang doesn’t play any sports at all. But that doesn’t stop Dewey from attempting to recruit Big Bang as running back when they play football.



So quiet and reserved, most kids can’t figure her out. Shy Annda was born in China. She and her family moved into Dewey’s neighborhood and it was Dewey who actually helped Annda get to know other kids. Her timid nature is a bit of a contrast to Dewey’s enthusiastic nature. Part of what makes Annda shy is that she tries her best to hide the fact that she is asthmatic. She also has another secret; she is unbeatable and flawless on a basketball court. As Dew once put it, “And you’re a girl!” Dewey Does helps Shy Annda overcome her fears and insecurities and they love playing basketball together… as long as no one is watching. Now, if only Dewey could convince her to play on his team.



“Francis, Francis, Francis!” is what you’ll probably hear Dewey Does and friends say more often than not. She certainly earned her nickname from her cankerous nature. Fussie Fran is always unsure and unsatisfied with everything, thus, she fusses a lot and a result, gets Dewey in all kinds of trouble and challenging situations.



Sometimes her friends kid Cindi by telling her that her name is short for “Cinderella”. Ever the princess of the group, Cindi loves getting her nails and hair done. “Life can be wonderful with a good picture,” is Cindi’s motto. Best friends with Dewey Does since childhood, she often relies on Dewey for help with math homework and although you’ll never hear her admit it, it’s actually Dewey Does who helps her with cheerleading exercises.



Mr. Cool always gets his way. Trevor Sparks plays a few sports but rather would be trying to impress his friends, especially the girls. Although inferior to Dewey in his sport abilities, “Trev” still has the ability to keep Dewey fascinated at how cool he can be and oblivious to the fact that Dewey can beat him at almost anything, anytime. Dewey does know that Trevor really admires him for his love and abilities at sports. Although he would never admit this to anyone, Trev sometimes wishes he could be just like Dewey.
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