Reading books is one of the best ways to cultivate your imagination, develop an extensive vocabulary, nurture a strong passion for various subjects and also build up a strong sense of confidence that can make you happy in life and derive a greater sense of satisfaction and success in general. It can also boost mental focus which can improve functioning in personal, professional and social spheres. Moreover, when you have a habit of reading books you never run out of topics to discuss with your friends and social acquaintances. Therefore, it only makes sense that you encourage your child to develop an active passion for reading books.

Author, John Cooper and Co-Author, Thomas M. Kinslow of the Dewey Does book series, “We wanted to open young readers’ eyes to the treasures that can be found in their libraries, schools, and bookstores. We wanted young beginning-readers to experience the subjective pleasures that are unique to reading. We did not wish to recreate in word what is so widely available in movies and television.” 

Children can benefit in a myriad of ways through the habit of reading. It is a well-known fact that children who are into reading grow up to be positive and confident and also develop a liking for the finer things in life. They are typically more cultured and worldly-wise than non-readers and can come up with creative ways to resolve any problem or challenging situation.

Therefore, as a parent, you should encourage them to develop a habit of reading from their early stages of life. Toddlers can develop a strong emotional bond with you as a parent when they see you reading to them. In that way, they can associate a feeling of positivity to the reading activity which can encourage them to read all kinds of books that they find around them.

Julia Reading Dewey Does Book

Julia Reading Dewey Does Book

Here are some ways in which you can raise a young reader.    

Read with your child

A great way to engage your child into the reading habit is to read with your child out loud on a daily basis. The interesting thing about reading out to your little child is that the content itself does not matter. Whether it is a cookbook, a pop magazine, a philosophical discourse or a dystopian novel, your child can benefit from simply looking at you reading the book. Your child is mainly going to focus on the sound of your tone and voice as you read the book. It has been found that the more number of words to which an infant is regularly exposed, the greater is his or her efficiency with language development. It also helps to enhance the literacy levels of the child. However, it is important that you should expose your child to a one on one direct reading experience. It won’t help to make use of an audiobook or the television when you want to raise your child as a reader. You should also enjoy the reading process yourself and your child can sense the joy you are having by getting a feel of your voice.

Become a reader yourself that your child will witness

Children inculcate the habit of reading in their own lives when they see their parents having the same habit. So it is important that you yourself are a reader when you want your child to become a reader. Young children typically imitate the things that they see in their surroundings and learn from that. By watching you reading a book, they can automatically understand that it is a pleasurable thing to do. Even if you find yourself somewhere out of touch with the habit of reading books, it is time for you to get yourself reacquainted with this habit so that your child learns from seeing you.

Visit the local library with your children

It is important that you expose your child/children to a wide range of books on a regular basis so that they can actively develop their reading tendencies. However, if you are like most people, you may find that it is not always possible for you to actually buy all of the books that you want to read. In that case, you should definitely enroll for membership with a local library as you can find tons of great books there. This would help your children to get well acquainted with the benefits of a library.

Visit your local bookstores

Your local book stores can offer you access to the latest releases and old classics which means that you and your child won’t have any dearth of material when you are looking to encourage him or her into the habit of reading. Regular visits to the local book stores can actually get your child excited about any newly published books that hit the stands. Eventually, this can translate into a lifelong love for books for your child/children.

Discuss interesting things that may be on your child’s mind

One of the most interesting things about books is that they can open doors to novel thoughts and ideas that are normally not otherwise found anywhere else. This can actually help your child to cultivate his or her imagination, learn to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills that would lead to healthy and positive mental upbringing. It has also been observed that children who have a habit of reading are normally happier as a bunch. Books can open up the mind to new thoughts and concepts that your child would find difficult to cultivate without reading them. John Cooper, the author of the popular Dewey Does books once said that he wants to open up the eyes and minds of young readers to the treasures that can be accessed in bookstores, libraries, and schools. He intended to expose the beginning-readers to the subjective experience and pleasures of reading. On the other hand, he had no intention to recreate the same ideas in the written word which can be found abundantly in television and movies.

Incorporate reading as a daily habit

When you want your child to develop a strong reading habit that stays throughout his or her life, it is important to incorporate reading as a daily habit. Sporadic reading once in a week can never help your child to develop a passion for reading and this novel activity will soon be in the backburner once more vital tasks and responsibilities come along. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you encourage your child to read books on a regular basis.

Encourage your child to develop his or her own taste in books

A good way to encourage your child to read books is to push him or her to develop a taste for books that they typically like. When they have something that they like, they will typically take an active interest in reading books that drive their curiosity. You should make sure that they have access to all kinds of books from the start so that they have plenty of opportunities to try them out and see what they like best. It is also important to note that reading books is an ongoing habit and the preferences for some specific types of books can change over time. It is important that your child feels passionate about books and the information that is provided therein.

As your child develops his or her taste in books, you can make it a pleasurable experience to read various works of fiction and non-fiction. These early introductions to the world of books can also influence your child’s career choices as well as an overall way of life.


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