If you are to ask any child what their favorite time at school is, most of them will probably shout out recess or PE time. This is the time that they are allowed to let loose and run around playing sports and other games. It is that time that they put their books aside and focus on the fun side of life. There is a vast number of sports that kids can be part of. There is football, volleyball, basketball, and old schoolyard stickball, among others. Sports, although is not limited to as a physical activity but also a mental one. There is also quite a number of mental games such as the interactive memory match game that your child can take part in.

Children have different personalities hence will end up preferring one to the other or even both. Regardless of what they choose; between the physical sports or the Memory Match game, below are the ways their lives will be impacted.


Provide Them With A Healthy Lifestyle

All sporting activities have routine practices of every day or weekly physical exercises that help one to get into shape and get better at the sport. Most sports have a warm-up session, where the children are meant to do a few stretches before getting to play the game. Then followed by a few minutes of jumps or squatting exercises. The combination of physical activities, however, is much determined by the kind of sport your child participates in. If it is football, a lot of leg work and core exercises are part of the practice regime. This regular exercise routine keeps your child in a tremendous and fit shape. Your child’s overall health will be significantly improved as their bodies become stronger and able to ward off diseases. Yes, they may break a bone or two, but they will heal faster than you realize. And be running back to the field in no time. Their flexibility is improved as well.


Improves Their Self- Confidence And Self-Esteem


Every sport has a structure to which it is governed. Most of them have a specific set of rules and a specified number of players, each playing a significant role in the sport. Once a child becomes part of a team, they learn their purpose, and this gives them a sense of belonging which in-turn improves their self-confidence. Knowing that they are depended upon in a particular area gives them the responsibility to do whatever is in their power to be the best at it. Sports have been used as a therapeutic solution to provide a shy child a chance to shine and become more confident.


Teach Them Valuable Life Lessons


Being part of a team, or having the responsibility of playing a specific role in a sport equips your child with a few valuable life lessons. Children are, by nature, curious. And they tend to pick up on what they see contrary to what they are told. A kid will learn to throw a ball better by actually doing it other than just being told. Just as the maxim goes, monkey see, monkey do. They learn teamwork and sportsmanship, where they get to master how to work with others peacefully. They also pick up the lesson to endure through hardships such as long practice hours without complaining. Additionally, they pick up commitment, respect, and the skills to be good time managers. All these skills and lessons come in handy even after they grow up.


Provides Potential Career Paths


It should not come as a surprise when your child comes to you and confesses that they would like to be a professional basketball or volleyball player. Playing sports professionally has always been and still is an excellent career path that children can follow. As a matter of fact, international sporting companies offer partial and full scholarships to the best players of specific sports. It is no longer a far-fetched idea that your child can become a pro footballer. Most times, they are even spotted, even without their knowledge. Scouts from such firms make rounds during practices and games to pick out the best of the best. Therefore, you should encourage your child if they tell you they want to be the next Ronaldo. You never know, they might be right.



Every parent dreams that their child gets to grow up to become the best version of themselves. Your accomplishments in life solely depend on both their well-being and success. So if they are into sports, keep encouraging them and if they have inclination towards online games then suggest them to download memory match games which helps to build children’s mental ability. Their participation comes with a lot of benefits that will have you making fewer visits to the doctors, except for bruises and fractures. But their overall health will be at its best. So, buy them those sports shoes, take them for practice and be their loudest cheerleader.


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