I always enjoyed my talks with my friend, Author John Cooper. We would discuss new Dewey Does projects or have long conversations during one of our book signing road trips. Coop, as I often called him, would reminisce about playing sports as a kid. I will always remember the time I spent with him, spanning over 20 years, through stories that will come to mind every now and then, making me laugh and smile to myself. Coop would have a late night thought after watching a sports game on television and call me, sometimes very late, to discuss. I will miss those calls.

It was a combination of my son’s passion and my community involvement to promote youth sports by sponsoring summer events through my business that led to the creation of Dewey Does. In 2000, I self-published my first book in the Dewey Does book series, Dewey Does 4 Prez: a book about Dewey Does being tricked by his friend, Fussie Fran, into running for class president against, his number one nemesis, the Stape Twins. Years later I produced my first three part animation short, Dewey Does 4 Prez.

After writing Dewey Does 4 Prez, I collaborated with actor, author, screenplay writer and friend, John Cooper, who recently passed away, on the next series of Dewey Does books. Cooper is responsible for penning the Dewey Does three-book series subtitle Heroes Start as Kids and giving Dewey Does his unique voice.

John Cooper and I began working on our newest book, a Monster ate my Sneakers, before his passing. We are happy to say, Cooper’s spirit and talent will live on. John Cooper’s daughter, Kimberly Cooper, has joined the Dewey Does team and she will pick up where her father left off.  

In honor of John Cooper, we are proud to present the publication of our three book series in hardcover: First Day, In The Groove, and The Comeback, that will continue to inspire children to read and lead.   (Please note: for every purchase of any Dewey Does book 3% (three percent) will be donated to the Dewey Does Foundation, a 501©3 since 2006, to promote youth sports, fitness and fight childhood obesity.)

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R.I.P. my friend,

Thomas M. Kinslow, Creator, Founder, & Co-Author



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