Every now and again my grandpa Does would day dream, especially while I’m within ear shot, about foods that he enjoyed eating as a kid my age. I guess I kinda like listening to grandpa Does, but it always seemed to me when he talks about things he ate when he was my age is now no good for me today. “If you eat that Dewey you won’t grow tall and strong like your dad”, he would say. I always wondered why this was the case since my grandpa grew to be a big tall man. I figure if he ate things that weren’t good for him than I can do the same thing too.

Yesterday, while I was playing basketball with my coolest buddy Trevor he told me he was feeling funny so he wanted to sit down and rest for a bit. I thought he might be faking so I continued to still practice my free throws. I paused between free throws for a second to ask him what was wrong. He said his stomach was hurting and he was feeling a little winded. I thought that was weird because Trevor and I usually play pretty hard, even though I know he really doesn’t like sports like I do. Anyway, he looked really sweaty and worn out. Kinda like my grandpa Does when he and I play. But I was feeling pretty good, like I was just getting warmed up for the big game against the Stape Twins and I knew I needed Trevor’s help.

Whenever I say my stomach is hurting my mom asks me what I ate. I was wondering maybe Trevor ate something bad today and it was making him sick. I stopped shooting free throws and sat down next to my buddy. When I asked him what he had for lunch he said, “Well, my mom let me make my lunch so I had a chocolate syrup sandwich…and some marsh mellows and…a soda pop from the cafeteria.” Just thinking about that made my stomach hurt. No wonder he was feeling bad! Maybe I should let Trevor listen to one of my grandpa Does’ stories.

Mrs. Cusamano has this poster up in the class and even though I don’t try to, whenever I get hungry, I look at it and think about lunch. It says there are 5 groups of food to eat: protein, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables. I basically memorized it. Ugh. I almost wish I could forget it but it’s always there and all of my coaches say the same thing: I should eat the right foods so I’ll feel full and have energy to #dewanything.

We were sitting there and I remembered some carrots I had in my backpack (I like that they don’t get squishy or gross at the end of the day). I offered them to Trevor and reminded him to eat his vegetables like my grandpa Does would say.