The Dewey Does jingle’s goal is to promote youth sports, activities and fitness by singing along with the growing Dewey Does team and telling us what your favorite sport, fitness and/or activity is in the jingle. Become part of the Dewey Does Jingle fan club by emailing Dewey Does your video and/or you singing the ‘I am a Dewey Does Kid’ jingle. Please email your video to to become eligible to win a theme tee shirt and other Dewey Does stuff.

At Producer discretion, videos and/or music only submitted may also be posted on, but in no way limited to, the and website, the Dewey Does Official fan page on Facebook, and/or and may be further used as stated herein and/or in the submission materials. Only videos conforming to the Producer Standards, Practices and consistent to the campaign goals, based on Producer’s judgment, as is determined in their sole discretion, will be eligible for consideration in the Campaign.

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