My friends and I got together to plan how to stay fit and active on our days off from school. It was very exciting coming up with different ideas to #dewanything to be healthy.

My 4th grade teacher, Ms. Cusamano, always says, “it’s never too early to practice healthy habits.” She also says you can find things to do without going to a fitness gym. She told me to look for things in my daily routine that I can do to stay in motion and be physically fit.

Shy Annda lead the talks, writing answers and suggestions on the chalk board as we called them out;

  • Shopping with mom – walking through the stores
  • Walking your neighbour’s dog if you don’t have one
  • Having mom park away from the store so we you can walk
  • Volunteer to rake neighbours and senior citizens yards
  • Watering the grass and plants
  • Take the steps in the stores, not the elevator or escalator
  • Cindi Joy said doing your nails…hmmm. I guess that can be a sorta exercise because she has to stretch to reach her toes.

Wow, these are some great ideas that me and my friends came up with to #dewanything to stay active and fit. See what you and your friends can come up with and share them with me and my friends using #dewanything.

By Dewey Does Team