Welcome to Dewey Does

An Animation Series Promoting Youth Sports & A Healthy Lifestyle

Who Is Dewey Does?

Welcome to Doesville,

Hi, I’m Dewey Does. I am 9 years old and, like millions of kids, I love sports and everything connected to sports. I love to exercise and play with other kids in all sorts of fun things.

In my dream world, Life is a Sport and my favorite place in the whole world is Doesville, where all kids are welcomed. In Doesville, everybody is a winner; we get to learn and play all types of sports like golf, soccer, tennis, basketball, football and many others. We can even run and exercise to make ourselves better athletes and a better person.

In Doesville kids learn about fair play, teamwork and the value of giving 110% at whatever they do. Kids can meet some of my friends like Crossover, First Down, Ms. Love, Speedy and Fifth Gear and many others.

Wait…that’s right, you can help me make new friends by going to Characters Wanted on my website and create your own sports or fitness character. You can win prizes, Dewey Does stuff and possibly see your character in my online game, I Am Dewey Does, now on Google Play and on TV with me having fun in the new Dewey Does 110% animation.

There is so much to do at Doesville and we are going to have lots of fun with millions of other sports and fitness loving kids. Please visit me at deweydoes.com and like me on Facebook.

Thank you,

Dewey Does and Friends

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