Want to help create characters for the next Dewey Does adventure? Your character can appear in Dewey Does’ newest upcoming book, ‘a MONSTER ate my Sneakers’ or even in a Dewey Does animation like ‘Dewey Does 4 President.

Dewey Does needs your help making new friends or maybe another nemesis, if you like, to stop Dewey Does from delivering his 110% fitness & health message. Design your own sports character, find new and unique sports & fitness equipment that Dewey Does and friends can learn about, visit its place of origin, meet athletes that play the sport and teach others about sports and fitness from all over the world.

Sign up for the Dewey Does ‘Characters Wanted’ contest today and send in your sports equipment character. You don’t have to be an artist to participate.


A smack talking basketball player from NYC – New York City accent with an overly confident attitude, always challenging the other equipment to a dribbling contest and the first to ask Dewey Does to take him out because he’s the number one sport. Talks a lot of street basketball comical junk like an old basketball legend.


A skate board that converts to a surf board from sunny California.  Narly dudes, skate boarding and surfing is life.  Flat Top is the coolest in Doesville. Will convert to a surf board at Dewey Does’ command to Dew110.

Read the Rules & Regulations here


Read the Rules & Regulations here

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