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Rules & Regulations

Dewey Does needs your help making new friends or another nemesis to stop Dewey Does from delivering his 110% fitness & health message.  Design your own sports character for the new Dewey Does Sports animation.  Find new and unique sports & fitness equipment that Dewey Does and friends can learn about, visit its place of origin, meet athletes that play the sport and teach others about sports and fitness from all over the world.  All superheroes have more than one nemesis.  The Stape Twins need help stopping Dewey Does from delivering his 110% fitness & health message.  Have fun creating new nemesis to stop Dewey Does and friends.


The Dewey Does community will be voting.  The character with the most votes will make a special appearance in the Dewey Does Sports animation TV show.  Runner-ups can appear in PSA ad campaigns sponsored by A Dewey Does Corp and his corporate friends.

  • First 110 entries will receive FREE a Characters Wanted tee shirts
  • Winning characters may appear but are not limited to Dewey Does PSA and PR campaigns, on eCards, apparel, display posters (daycares & schools) and premier in a Dewey Does online game on and other social medias
  • Grand Prize: winning character will appear in a minimum one episode of the NEW Dewey Does 110% Sports Animation

Entries will be accepted online only.  You must be a member on to submit your concept character. 

All entries will be posted on the Dewey Does website,

The Dewey Does character was created in 1999 to inspire our youth to give 110% in all they do.  This annual contest is designed to promote imaginative artistic creativity, educational research and descriptive imagination among our youth and community of friends.  The Dewey Does community will view characters of different sports and fitness equipment from all over the world.

The Dewey Does Characters Wanted campaign was initially created to encourage our youth and families to share their unique and creative ways of customizing their own sports or fitness equipment character to appear on tee shirts, PSA campaigns and other print material.  Our goal is to help youth and families learn about different sports, fitness ideas, cultures and to develop creative imaginations.  Youth and fans from all over the world will be able to view each other’s sports or fitness character descriptions and images, learn about different sports and personalities from the sport as well as unique sporting events never seen before.

This is NOT considered an essay or writing contest but it is very important that you properly describe your character and the sport or fitness activity.  It is a campaign based on your imagination, research and your desire to describe your character and his or her personality as it relates to their sport in the Dewey Does community.  How will Dewey Does and your character be friends, can Dewey Does learn the sport and play with others?   

Entry requirements

There are a few minimum requirements that determine whether an entry can be accepted.

1. We encourage youth participation however the Characters Wanted campaign is open to all ages, families and schools

2. All entries must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc).  Winning characters will be illustrated by the Dewey Does team of artists. Participants are welcome to submit their own art designs (in a jpeg format only) to help us better envision their character.  Due to time and volume the Dewey Does team will try to illustrate and post as many characters as time will allow to be voted on.  We appreciate your time, creativeness and patience.  Please continue to visit Dewey Does at Doesville to view your character and many other new postings at

Judging criteria

Within each category, entries will be judged using the same judging criteria.

1. Appropriate content (5 percent) does the character description fit the sport category? Is the character suitable for public use?

2. Dewey Does Brand (5 percent) does the character description embrace the Dewey Does 110% brand promise? This doesn’t mean it needs to have our logo, but each entry will be judged on its contribution to organization and clear communication.

3. Technical specifications (5 percent) are the files in Microsoft Word?  If you are sending an illustration is it in the correct format…JPEG?  Your character will be illustrated by the Dewey Does team of illustrators; can they envision in vision your character description?  Describe your character in such a way that it peaks our imagination?

4.  Overall design and character personality (10 percent) How does your character act, speak or laugh?  Does the character sport dictate his or her personality?  Each participant is entitled to submit more than one description design, but only one will be qualified in the final poll.

5. Overall organization (10 percent) does your character help the Dewey Does community learn more about the sport or fitness equipment.  Is the sports character cool and exciting to watch?

6. Inspiration (10 percent) Dewey Does loves to inspire children to get out and play.  How does your character inspire others to be active, have fun and play your chosen sport or fitness activity? Can our animation design team create an animation with your character in mind? Can your character become part of Doesville?

7. Character Name (20 percent) is your character’s name interesting, memorable and        sports or fitness related?  Is it creative?  Make us say WOW!

8. Character History (25 percent) do your research.  Make the Dewey Does community want to learn more about your character’s sport or how to stay fit with your character.  Have fun with the description of the character and his/her personality.  We encourage unusual sports that the Dewey Does community can learn about.

9. Nemesis (25) every hero has a nemesis; Dewey Does competes against the Stape Twins to promote 110% fitness & health.  The Stape Twin’s message is promoting poor fitness habits and eating unhealthy foods among other not so good things.  But, like Dewey Does, the Stape Twins need help fighting against the Dewey Does 110% Fitness message.  Help the Stape Twins by creating characters that can team up with the Stape Twins to build an unhealthy world.  Remember, detail is important.

10. Let’s Have Fun and welcome to Doesville.

Campaign Rules

No purchase necessary. Although it’s a lot of fun to see what you designed on a grand scale, you don’t actually have to purchase any Dewey Does stuff to participate.  You can use Dewey Does’ friends as a guide for your character description.  All participants MUST be Dewey Does 110% Club members at to download character descriptions.

Void where prohibited by law. Any disputes arising under the terms and conditions of this campaign will be governed under the law of the State of New York State, U.S.A.

You will be prompted to be detailed in descriptive text and history about your character. Descriptive text must be written in English. Entrants must fill out all required fields.

All entries must be submitted online.  All entries must be in Microsoft Word files. If submitting your own illustration, please submit in JPEG format only.


What you need to submit:

  • Detailed descriptive essay or story about your character.  Must include character personality
  • Detailed history about the sport or fitness activity
  • Name of sport or fitness equipment, country of origin and year created
  • Character name (must be associated with its sport or fitness activity)
  • Your first name only, age, city, state, school name (if applicable), and correct email address
  • All rights reserved by A Dewey Does Corporation


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