Do I Have Wisdom KC

Have you ever suddenly woken up with a weird thought that’s in the form of a question? A question that defies all questions; like, is the earth really round, or why did man fly to the moon, or my favorite, who is the greatest...

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Dewey Does 4 Prez

“Mom!” I call out. “Guess what? I had a dream last night that I met the Hawk,” I say a bit cheerfully. “He told me I was going to be a great leader,” I continue as I look over at my Hawk baseball glove...

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Whose Game Is It Anyway?

My big game is today…the Doesville Baseball Classic! I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep last night. For good luck, I kept my favorite Hawk baseball glove underneath my pillow. Mom and Grandpa were also excited, even more than I was, I thnk....

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Captain Does

#Dew110 Stories I jumped from my bed like a jack rabbit out of a fox hole. A rare moment indeed, both feet landing firmly on the soft carpet below my bed. It would have been a prefect landing after a few spins on the...

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#Dew110 Stories “Dewey, it’s time to wake up and smell the day.” Hmmm, by now I should be used to smelling the day, but Mom likes to remind me every so often. The sound of her motherly voice traveling up the stairs into my...

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