Big Bang





Ever the hopeful optimistic, Dewey’s can-do attitude is what makes him the center of it all. A nine-year old boy who loves all
sports. As a baby, his parents noticed that he would gravitate toward toys that were specifically sports related. He would actually fuss and even cry if he received a toy that wasn’t along the lines of a basketball, football, baseball or hockey stick. Dewey’s father, also an avid sports aficionado, when Dewey was a baby gave him a magic toy chest with secret powers. When Dewey was old enough to open the toy chest his life changed forever.

The alert call sounds, out of the toy chest they come…Dewey and Team Dew110 secretly transform into
Coach Does and the Defenders of Doesville to save the day.

Although great friends of Dewey Does and a supporter of Dewey’s love for sports, 10 year old Clarence, better known to everyone, including his parents as Big Bang because of his size, would much rather be playing his piano. A musical prodigy since anyone can remember, Big Bang has always been fascinated with music, referring to music as a “language.” When he moved into Doesville, Dewey, on first site, assumed Big Bang was a star athlete. Dewey Does found out quickly that Big Bang doesn’t play any sports at all. But that doesn’t stop Dewey from attempting to recruit Big Bang to play for Martha Horton Elementary School football team.