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Remember back in the day when being a kid meant going outside, finding a friend or two, playing games to test our speed, agility and how strong we were getting as growing kids. Any game would do. You know, the old games, like punch ball, kickball, or maybe even wiffle ball. Growing up in a sports rich community like Doesville, we would challenge friends from other neighborhoods to a game of stickball. Yeah, that’s right, good ol’ fashion stickball! We would draw a square strike target on a cement wall, usually in our local school yard. And, if we couldn’t find a stick to serve as a baseball bat, we would be creative and break apart one of mom’s old broomsticks. Oops! Sorry Mom. And let’s not forget the black tape that marked which end of the stick to hold on to in the kitchen junk drawer. Using that slim stick to try and hit that small pink rubber ball definitely sharpened our skills when we played little league baseball. Yes, those were the days.

While my kids were growing up, I would think back to those days and challenge them to go outside, find a friend and play something, anything! To my delight my son started doing this on his own. It seemed to be his passion to want to play, compete and get dirty. I have always admired his passion for sports and his will to overcome weaknesses through sports. I never wanted to impose my love for sports and fitness on any of my kids. For me, I preferred a self-imposed interest and from that interest I would follow their lead.

It was a combination of my son’s passion and my community involvement to promote youth sports by sponsoring community summer events through my business that lead to the creation of Dewey Does. This Dewey Does concept and symbol, of a nine-year-old boy with an extreme love for sports to help promote the values of sports, fitness and being active, became a life long passion for me.

According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, since the late 1970’s children have lost 12 hours per week in school recess. This is a 25% decrease in play time and 50% decrease in outside activities. A Harvard study in The Journal of School Health entitled, “Healthier students make better learners”, indicated that recess time isn’t just about playing outside; recess builds friendships, develops social and communication skills, reduces obesity and leads to better results in the classroom. In fact, having a healthy outlet for outside activities is instrumental in childhood development.

The Dewey Does character seeks to inspire and encourage youth to read, play, and get involved in sports and fitness. Dewey Does’ #Dew110 slogan means to give 110% to Read110, Play110 and Dew110 in all things.

The Dewey Does organization, to date, has published three books; First Day, In The Groove, and The Comeback, that inspires children to read and lead. I am currently working on Dewey Does’ newest book, a MONSTER ate my Sneakers. (Please note: for every purchase of any Dewey Does book a percentage of the price is donated to the Dewey Does Foundation, a 501©3 since 2006, to promote youth sports, fitness and fight childhood obesity.)

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Lastly, on behalf of the Dewey Does family, please allow me to extend our condolences to the thousands of families who have lost loved ones from the Coronavirus. I, too, have lost close friends to this disease and share your pain. To all Dewey Does followers, fans and friends, please stay healthy and safe.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thomas M. Kinslow, Creator, Founder & Author

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