John Cooper

John Cooper

I have worked in the entertainment profession as an actor, writer, film producer and director. My writing experience includes credits as novelist, playwright, television writer, and screenwriter. I have had the privilege of working with many writers, collaborating and rewriting screenplays.

Writing FIRST DAY, IN THE GROOVE, and THE COMEBACK featuring Dewey Does, I wanted to open young readers’ eyes to the treasures that can be found in their libraries, schools, and bookstores. I wanted these beginning-readers to experience the subjective pleasures that are unique to reading. I did not wish to recreate in word what is so widely available in movies and television.

HEROES START AS KIDS, series is told through the thoughts and actions of a nine year old boy, Dewey Does. In a sense it is a letter from the heart of a young person who wants to understand his life, achieve his dreams and share the wonder of it all.

The actions and characters that exist in these books are as commonplace as those that fill our homes and schools from coast to coast. There are no grand monsters, wizards, evil sorcerers, make believe lands, or epic mythic-adventures to be found in these books. The peaks and valleys, the choices and mistakes, the trying and giving up, and finally the saving grace in these stories are those that we all experience every day.

Each book is a story told minute by minute, as it seems to a nine-year-old boy. HEROES START AS KIDS is to open a child’s mind; to read words and create pictures.   It does not matter if a child of eight is reading these books or an adult of fifty-nine is reading the books, they will all embrace each passage to the soul that can only be traveled by reading.

Author, John Cooper

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