Books Vs. Online Games - Which One is the Best Gift for Kids this Christmas

Books Vs. Online Games – Which One is the Best Gift for Kids this Christmas?

A simple observation into the habits of most kids today will reveal to you that they have a strong reverence for playing games. Whether it is the teenager next door or the five-year-old son/daughter of your friend, most kids these days take an active interest in playing games. In some cases, the habit of indulging in the latest and most popular games even border on obsession. A child loses all his or her interest in mundane activities of life, such as going to school, taking a bath, playing ball with the other kids or taking any kind of interest in finding out what their parents are up to. It is hardly any surprise that many kids of today are much more self-absorbed and lost in their own worlds instead of having engaging conversations with others or feeling a sense of wonderment while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

Games only offer momentary happiness and soon lose their appeal

There was a time when books used to be the best form of gift for any child, especially during holidays such as Christmas. Giving books as gifts was not only considered a great way to open up a child to the many wonders of the world but it also served as a method for indulging their imaginations. Children, much more than adults have a highly active imagination and as adults, we can only help to cultivate that by offering them books on a myriad of subjects. It is also such a fertile imagination that enabled children of the past to learn about the world around them and be curious about everything. 

However, one of the most pressing problems with today’s kids is that they are completely unable to cultivate their imaginations, thus take an active interest in the world around them. While games do offer a certain kind of addictive entertainment, they lose their charm within a short period of time. Eventually, kids find that even their favorite games are not able to quench their thirst for thrill and excitement. Finally, all they are left with is a lingering sense of boredom and ennui.

Books are a lot cheaper than games

A common problem with most families these days is that both parents need to work for managing the expenses of day to day life. Since the kids are completely left alone to their own devices, they do not have people around them with whom they can carry out engaging conversations. Many parents actually feel guilty about this and buy games for their children which do nothing but dull their senses and curiosity about the world around them. 

Additionally, most of the console games and handheld games are rather costly which means that they add up to a hefty expenditure when bought on a frequent basis. Comparatively, the books are much more easily affordable and they can do a world of good to the kids. Not only kids get to learn a lot from them but they are infinitely more entertaining and engaging than the video games that kids play today. So even if you are thinking of buying gifts for all your family members and loved ones, you can definitely afford to get some nice books for your kids without breaking your bank in the process.

Books lead to engaging family discussions

Another great benefit of offering books to children as gifts is that they can lead to family discussions and engaging conversations that can go on for hours. Good books can not only make you think but they can cultivate your understanding of human nature to a great extent. Children’s books can come in all sorts these days and there are numerous great authors who have expanded the literary world for young children. 

Genres such as fantasy, mystery, thriller, suspense, paranormal, family drama, romance, fairy tales, adventure and science fiction have always found an extensive audience among the young crowds and they would certainly appeal to the kids of today. The plot lines and character development of these stories can not only offer great scope for family discussions but they can also help children to develop a closer bond with their parents and other elder children of the family.

Books can last a lifetime

Books are not just a medium of entertainment for the immediate present; they can also last a lifetime. There have been numerous instances wherein people have had loving memories of their childhood books that shaped up their thoughts as they grew up. Books can really imbibe an endearing quality about childhood wherein the sweet feelings of bonding with the favorite works of fiction can last for many years even after a child has grown into an adult and had their own family and children. Many men and women love revisiting those old tender moments by rereading their favorite books years after they discovered them for the first time. Moreover, books can also be passed down from one generation to another. This means that by sharing the books that adults loved as children with their own kids, they can share a deep sense of loving bond which both of them can cherish a lot.

Books are great for expanding a child’s mind

Another great reason to choose books as gifts for Christmas is that they can truly expand a child’s mind while games eventually limit a child’s growth. In fact, the books have a way of expanding the imagination and consciousness of children in profound ways, something that cannot be achieved by anything else. Studies have shown that the brains of people who have a habit of reading are wired differently than those of nonreaders. They have better memory, enhanced cognitive faculties, a calmer mind, superior observation skills, an active imagination, better understanding of human nature and personal thoughts and emotions along with superior reasoning abilities. Fiction readers also have a reduced risk of experiencing Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as they grow old. Such factors definitely show that reading books do have great benefits to offer.

Books always keep children safe

Books can also keep kids safe from people who may not have their best interests at heart. In many cases, when kids play games online, they interact with other players from all parts of the globe. Many of these people may actively harm the kids and manipulate them to do things that can be harmful to them either physically or emotionally/mentally or both. The widespread openness and anonymity of the gaming world often make it difficult to determine with whom the kids are actually interacting. This can be a source of major frustration for adults and caregivers who are concerned for their children’s safety. There have been numerous instances where online games forced kids to take their own lives. On the other hand, giving gifts to children during Christmas can actually keep them safe.

Bottom Line

These are some of the factors that go on to show that books make infinitely better gifts compared to online games. By offering books as gifts to young children this Christmas, you are actually helping them to grow as human beings. Great books like Dewey Does books can shape up their character and even imbibe them with a strong sense of purpose and inner strength. We would be glad to accept your views or suggestions regarding the “Books Vs. Online Games for this Christmas”. You can contact us directly through our comments section with your great views.

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