What are the Major Roles Volunteer Coaches Play on Youth?

What are the Major Roles Volunteer Coaches Play on Youth?

Volunteer coaching is a crucial phenomenon that has really shaped up the culture of sports in the United States for quite some time now. In many cases, young boys and girls find it difficult to find professional coaches as they most often come with a heavy paycheck. The parks and recreation department frequently faces tight budget issues which means that they cannot really afford a professional coach who asks for a hefty price. 

However, without a coach, it would be difficult for young boys and girls to develop an active interest in sports and fitness activities. Young children need to have the support of an adult coach who can provide them with enthusiasm and inspiration that they need to succeed in their chosen field of sports. They need to be guided effectively into sporting activities so that they can learn the skills required for excelling in a specific type of sport.

The need for volunteer coaching for kids

The truth about volunteer coaches is that they never get paid for the efforts they put in as a coach. There is also no fame or glory for these coaches anytime one of their prodigies shines and is able to deliver a powerful performance. The coaches are not going to be flooded with professional contracts that enable them to achieve the financial success that they have always wanted. The only thing that drives volunteer coaches is a desire to see youngsters really put in their 100% effort and achieve success in sports that they are looking for. 

Most of the volunteer coaches have been associated with the specific types of sports for many years and it is a sense of achieving a great satisfaction that eventually drives them to coach the young boys and girls to achieve the skill sets required for a game. Apart from filling in the position of professional coaches, volunteer coaches also play a crucial role in making sure that sports programs are not totally cut off due to budgetary limits. This actually provides the young boys and girls with a ray of hope when they are really looking to find someone to help them with their sports and fitness activities.

How parents try to fill the coaching role

In most cases, it is the parents of these kids who often try to fill the role of a coach so that their children and their friends have someone to guide them about the various elements of sports activities. Taking on the role of a coach is truly one of the most engaging and fulfilling activities that any parent can be a part of. This is especially so if the parents have always had a knack for sports and loved to play tennis, basketball, tee-ball, hockey, soccer and/or rugby. They can also offer specialized training for sports like swimming and gymnastics. The main reasons for which parents should actively come forward and take on the role of coaches is that they can spend a lot of additional time with their kids. It can also enable the parents to learn new skills associated with a sport as they need to upgrade their own skills while trying to coach a whole team. This can not only keep the parents healthy and active but also enable them to get the most out of their lives.

Parents vs. volunteer coaching

It is, however, important to note that not all parents are mentally prepared to take on the role of volunteer coaching. While some parents may have a natural love for sports and may want to actively participate in the sports training of their children and others, there are those who may feel that they do not have the requisite skills needed to train their kids in all manners of sports education. 

However, it is important that parents do not let their lack of experience in sports be a hindrance when it comes to offering volunteer coaching to their kids and their friends. It is important for parents to remember that leagues frequently provide instructional materials that can educate parents on the best ways to coach young boys and girls. There are also coaching clinics that can make it easier for the parents to develop skills required for coaching. Depending on the age of the child or children, the parents may also discover that they are not required to have high-end skills for educating them on sports. Whether one starts as a main or assistant coach, there are a lot of things that a parent can learn from coaching young boys and girls.

How individuals become volunteer coaches

Plenty of individuals who desire to be volunteer coaches often start with the basic desire and need to offer their knowledge and understanding of sports to young boys and girls so that they can actively pursue their sports and fitness activities. Sports education is crucial for everyone as it can ensure a healthy body and mind for people and also provide them with the energy and drive they need to become successful in life. Men and women who are keen on becoming volunteer coaches can sign up with an organization when they are looking to offer their volunteer services. Usually, youth programs that accept volunteer coaches carry out a thorough background check for their aspiring volunteers so as to make sure that their children are safe with them. The knowledge and understanding of the coaches on the specific sport they are looking to offer training for are also carefully evaluated.

Imagine life without volunteer coaches for our youth

Without having proper volunteer coaches in any community, it would be impossible for youth organizations to offer sports training to young boys and girls, which is very important during the developmental stages of their lives. It is important to note that sports activities not only help to keep the minds and bodies of young boys and girls active but it also encourages them to refrain from unhealthy activities. Unless there is a proper sports training regimen that can be handled by volunteer coaches, kids will be more likely to indulge in binge eating fast food items and become couch potatoes. They are also more likely to start smoking and drinking from an early age. Volunteer coaches not only keep them away from such destructive habits but they also inspire them to participate in sports activities.

Nat Harris, Matanzas High School, Palm Coast, Florida, Boys Basketball 2008-15 and Girls HS Basketball 2015-18, says “The role of a volunteer coach is two-fold, first you have to love the kids than the sport you are helping in.  The role of volunteer coaches sometimes has nothing to do with the sport, however, sometimes you have to be a friend to the player, sometimes a second parent and even a babysitter.” 

I have a quick story; after practice on a Saturday we ended at 3:00 pm, the practice was from 1-3. The parents were supposed to pick up their child at 3 o’clock sharp.  I had one of my player’s parents did not show up at 3 pm and at about 3:30 I asked the player to call their parents. The parent answered and said she was shopping and would be there in a little while.  I waited a little while then asked the player to call his parents again and ask would she give me permission to take her son home and she said yes. I took my player home and when I arrived at his house there was 4 cars in the driveway and I asked the player whose car was in the driveway without him knowing why I asked.  He said, “my brother, sister and my father’s.” At that time I just felt like a baby sister. It takes a special person to be a volunteer coach because you always work more hours then you get credit for, however, I would not trade it for nothing in the world just to see the faces of some of the kids that you have touched and the end it is always worth it.

By becoming a volunteer coach, you can help the kids in your community or a youth organization to lead a meaningful life. You can also inspire many young boys and girls to take up sports professionally. This can really help you to make a difference in the lives of others.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and learned the core roles that volunteer coaches play on youth. If you have other roles in your mind which I missed and that you think can be beneficial for our youth, please do share with us. All innovative thoughts, suggestions, questions or comments are always welcome in the comment section below.

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